Interview to Manager of Baskonia E-Sports!



How did born the Baskonia E-Sports project?


This project was born from the filosophy of our club, we are always looking for new development areas. We think the esports are

We started joining with an existing club, Atlantis. But after a few months we understood we need our own team, so we merge. Now Baskonia e-sports is part of the Baskonia team.


How many teams are in this project?


Nowadays we have LoL, Hearthstone, Cod and Cs:Go but we are always looking for new games to incorporate.


What were the first feelings of the CEO of Bakonia  Basketball when they saw for the first time  this new universe ?


We think there are a lot of similarities between traditional sports a esports, so we are trying to join our experience of basketball and football teams (Baskonia is also the owner of Alaves football club) to our esport section.

In the other hand we see that some people inside this universe is not aware about the difference of an amateur and pro or semi-pro scene. We are training every day trying to implement a strong working mentality as we think is the best way to increase the level of the teams.

How they train the various teams? Here they are also a part of athletics?

Esport section is a part of the club, for example they have access to BAKH (ciudad deportiva de Baskonia,, were they make exercise, play padel, basketball football or they go to the gym or Spa. They also eat in our restaurant.

We also have sessions with the club coach and even go to Baskonia or Alaves games.


Lol squad for example, every day they have to be at BAKH at 12.30, they make some exercise, then we eat all together and they go back to the gaming house, were we have 2 set of scrims. At 22:00 we have dinner at the house (Spanish timetables…), after that they have to play a minimum of solo games.


What reaction the Baskonia Basket’s fans had when knew the E-Sports project opening?


The youngest fans were very excited and happy to know we were going to have an esport section.

The people who didn´t know nothing about esports were surprised, slowly the fans are knowing more about the esports and news like for example of shaquille oneals or other football clubs trying to get a sport club makes then proud for being one of the first clubs having a section and aware of the importance of it.


If must do a name of a your players, Who will be the new Golden Boy of Spanish E-Sports?


A good question, i think there are a lot of good players, with a lot of potential and quality. But to be the a Top player you have train very hard and know that not all the players can get to the top.


What will the future of E-Sports? Other sport teams will invest in the E-Sports?


Everyday appears new news about “traditional” sport teams investing in esports. The next year we will have a lot of this clubs having sport sections, im sure…


In the future the esport clubs will be more like traditional sport clubs. At the end they are very similar.


How you see the Spanish E-Sports panorama? and Italian?


Here in Spain we made a big step looking for professionalism. Big companies, newspapers and tvs are investing in the esports, and this will make more big companies to be interested. 3 clubs are now with gaming houses, and we have also agreements to protect to the players.


Unfortunately I don’t know too much about italian panorama, but I know we are regularly training in lol against some italian teams. We also tried to get two italian players for our squad, but in the end it wasn´t made.


Last question: Future project of Baskonia E-Sport? Maybe also a tour in Italy against various Italian E-Sport?


Our goal is to reach to european competitions at every discipline. We are also always looking for new games to incorporate to our team.

A part from that we have some other projects to develop but still are secret…


A tour in Italy would be great, but nowadays its quite difficult.


Thanks to Mister Hierro for precious time and follow us!


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